Because mental health and physical health affect one another, InterCommunity offers primary care, mental health, and addiction services.

By focusing on whole person health, InterCommunity provides better care, better client experience, and better health outcomes. InterCommunity’s Help Now scheduling process means calling InterCommunity gives you immediate access to numerous in-network specialists who can provide support the same day you call.

Whether you are dealing with primary care, mental health, addiction, or a combination of these issues, InterCommunity can help you find a solution.

InterCommunity is here to help.

We are now providing Primary Care Services!

Pictured above: InterCommunity providers Elizabeth Davoren, Family Nurse Practitioner and Leroy Stuckey, Medical Assistant
InterCommunity's Integrated Health Care now offers immediate access to Mental Health Care and Physical Health Care, all at our 281 Main Street location, in East Hartford, CT.
For immediate access to numerous qualified providers, call InterCommunity today at 860-569-5900


At InterCommunity get the help you need today.