InterCommunity Announces New Board Members

new board 1

InterCommunity, Inc. today announced the appointment of two new members to its Board of Directors: Esther Gonzalez-Torres and Elise Schreier.

Esther Gonzalez-Torres is the executive director of Youth Challenge of Connecticut, Inc. based in Hartford. Youth Challenge operates residential programs and conducts outreach to people impacted by substance use. “I’ve always admired the work that InterCommunity does, and the wide range of treatment services offered,” stated Ms. Gonzalez-Torres. “We have common areas of interest and the goal to help people live drug-free, productive, and meaningful lives.”

Ms. Gonzalez-Torres received her master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Connecticut, and has worked at Youth Challenge for the past seventeen years. She is well-versed in community engagement, development, and fundraising. “I’m deeply familiar with the greater Hartford community, and I look forward to supporting and assisting InterCommunity in its mission.”

“Our two new Board members will be a tremendous asset to the agency” said Kimberly Beauregard, President and Chief Executive Officer at InterCommunity. “They bring years of management experience and knowledge of community issues. We welcome them to our team.”

Elise Schreier works at Travelers in Hartford, heading a claims department. Her background is in law and risk management, and she is experienced in medical malpractice claims and liability. As a 25-year member of South Church in Glastonbury where InterCommunity was founded, she has had a long-standing connection with the organization. “I would love to do my part to continue South Church’s representation on InterCommunity’s board of directors,” she said. “I’m also passionate about improving and supporting treatment for mental illness and addiction in our community. It’s time for the stigma to end.”

Ms. Schreier noted that InterCommunity’s approach to integrated care for the mind and body “makes sense and makes care more accessible to everyone. Public opinion is evolving, and it’s time we stop separating physical care from mental health care. I’m excited to support InterCommunity’s mission to provide care for the whole person.”