Annual Reports

InterCommunity is pleased to report news of our past years’ successes. We encourage members of the community to take a moment and read our most recent annual report, which shares information about the work we do to improve people’s lives and reduce health disparities.


From sponsoring health screenings to neighborhood forums on timely issues, InterCommunity works every day to expand our outreach and strengthen our programs and services. Read our latest newsletter for more information.

“Healthy Matters” E-newsletters

June 2018:

School’s Out – Now What? Keep Kids Learning

Top Health Risks for Men

May 2018:

Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines

Take Care of Your Mental Health

April 2018:

Minority Health Issues

Shaken Baby Syndrome

March 2018:

Preventing Obesity in Kids

Living with Celiac Disease

Keys to Healthier Eating

February 2018:

When Your Teen has an Eating Disorder

Heart Disease in Women

January 2018:

Gender Identity and Expression: What Does it Mean?

Marijuana and the Teen Brain