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PLEASE NOTE: InterCommunity’s Detox Center is OPEN and Accepting Clients!

Addiction Recovery Services:

Telephone and video visits are available. See Instructions on how to prepare for your video visit. Questions? See Frequently Asked Questions about video visits.

For over 40 years, InterCommunity has had the mission of providing accessible, timely, responsive, and high quality care to people who are seeking to recover from the effects of addictive disorders.  Our goal is to help people recover from chemical dependency and to thrive.

Instructions on How to Prepare for Your Video Visit

Frequently Asked Questions about Video Visits

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Residential Programs

InterCommunity’s residential programs provide a variety of treatment and temporary housing environments for those in recovery from substance use. From detoxification services to intensive, intermediate treatment, and supportive housing, InterCommunity helps people on the journey to recovery and an improved quality of life.

DETOXIFICATION CENTER: 500 Blue Hills Avenue, Hartford, CT 06112, TEL: 860-569-5900 x515
InterCommunity’s Detoxification Center is a 35-bed medically monitored detox program for adults and is open for admissions 365 days/year, 24/7.

INTENSIVE RESIDENTIAL: 56 Coventry St., Hartford, CT 06112, TEL: 860-569-5900 x541
A 28-day residential program to support adults in recovery.

INTERMEDIATE RESIDENTIAL: 56 Coventry St., Hartford, CT 06112, TEL: 860-569-5900 x541
A 90-day residential program focusing on education, job readiness and employment opportunities, housing, entitlement/benefits and medical follow-ups.For more information call 860-569-5900 x541.

COVENTRY HOUSE: A 10-bed residential program for substance-abusing pregnant women and those with children age 5 and under. For more information call 860-569-5900 x669.


CLAYTON HOUSE: 203 Williams Street Glastonbury, CT 06033, TEL: 860-659-0309
An intermediate, residential substance abuse treatment center for adults. For more information and to download the Clayton House brochure and application click here.

RECOVERY HOUSE: 56 Coventry Street Hartford, CT 06112, TEL: 860-569-5900 x677
Recovery House offers mental health and substance use services for people working to recover from addiction.

OUTPATIENT SERVICES: Also available at InterCommunity’s community health center at 16 Coventry Street in Hartford, CT. Call 860-569-5900


Outpatient Treatment

We offer intensive outpatient (IOP) and outpatient services in our Hartford and East Hartford locations to assess and treat substance use disorders. Outpatient treatment is also available at our offices at 828 Sullivan Avenue in South Windsor.

Hours in South Windsor: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday: 8:30 am – 5 pm, Thursday 8:30 am – 7 pm

The InterCommunity Outpatient Counseling Center in Hartford is located on a city bus line and offers ample parking. Outpatient services include individual and group therapy, alcohol and drug education, relapse prevention, family therapy, and ongoing after-care.

Intensive Outpatient treatment for adults is offered in both day and evening hours and runs three times per week, three hours each day, Monday through Friday.


Medication-Assisted Treatment

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for opioid addiction uses medications such as Suboxone (buprenorphine) to block the euphoric effects of opioids, relieve cravings, and stabilize brain chemistry. Research shows that MAT is effective in decreasing opiate cravings and preventing relapse among people addicted to opiates. MAT is available at our Hartford and East Hartford locations.

Recovery Support

NEW! INTERCOMMUNITY’S “HOW CAN WE HELP?” OUTREACH PROGRAM: This program is designed to meet the individualized needs of people in recovery and reduce the incidence of repeat overdose. Using a harm reduction approach, “How Can We Help?” Engagement specialists offer needs-based assessments for people in recovery, case management services, safety plans, and Naloxone if needed.

RECOVERY ORIENTED EMPLOYMENT SERVICES: This program provides employment assessment and support services to eligible people participating in InterCommunity’s addiction treatment and recovery support services in Hartford. For information on this program, please contact Melissa McGee at (860) 707-2529 or Zoraya Pedraza at (860) 707-5619.


Additional Resources

We understand how hard it is to ask for help. We also know that once you know you need help, it can be confusing to find the type of help you need. If you don’t see what you need in this list, or you still aren’t sure what you need, you can call (860) 569-5900. We are here to help.


Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery (CCAR)

Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS)

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


United Way 211

Veterans Administration



ACCREDITATION: InterCommunity operates with licenses from and under contracts with the State of Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services, and the Department of Public Health. Our primary care and behavioral health services are accredited by the Joint Commission.