Community Support

The goal of the Community Support Program, otherwise known as the Case Management Program/Recovery Pathways is to assist people in recovery to achieve an optimal quality of life and community living by working in collaboration with the person, teaching them the necessary skills to live independently in the community, and getting them linked to essential services. The Community Support Program (CSP) and Recovery Pathways(RP) focuses onĀ rehabilitation. Community Support is located on the third floor of 991 Main Street, East Hartford, CT 06108

InterCommunity believes individuals with mental health, or with co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders, can recover and lead full lives in their communities.


  • Supervised Housing

    Community Foundations is InterCommunity's supervised housing program, providing care for 17 persons living with chronic and severe mental illness and/or addiction disorders.

    In collaboration with the East Hartford Housing Authority, Community Foundations' staff works with clients in their own apartments and in the community to build and maintain the skills they need to reach their goals of independent living.

    Community Foundations is located at 163 School, Street East Hartford, CT 06118.

    Staff is located on-site and available to clients 24 hours a day 7 days a week, working with clients at least 7 hours a week, providing services individually and in group settings with a focus on building the independent living skills.

  • Young Adult Group

    The InterCommunity Young Adult Program, Movement 4 Youth, is a subset of Employment Services and the Social Rehabilitation Club, Common Ground.

    The concept of this group is to facilitate an organic environment for younger adults to find footing in a comfortable social environment that will foster social, educational and vocational exploration.

    Young adults will fall in the age group of 18-30 with no exceptions made to disorder, experience or ambivalence. The following are initiatives that reflect the core values of the Movement 4 Youth Program.

    • Social Integration: Facilitate an organic environment for younger adults to find footing in a comfortable setting that will foster social, educational, vocational and professional exploration.
    • Healthy Relationships: Build healthy peer relationships while addressing prevocational concepts such as appropriateness, public speaking and hygiene.
    • Advocacy: Introduce concepts to build awareness of legislative issues and grow leadership, networking, testifying, and grant writing skills.
    • Professional Development: Coach young adults through exposure to resume building activities and simulated employment, including sales, production, event planning, grant writing, and business operation, thus bridging the gap to competitive community work placements.
    • Entrepreneurship: Promote critical thinking and creative problem solving in business and in pursuing goals in daily living. Our current business ventures include video production, dog treat production and sales, an ice cream cart and a quarterly newsletter. Please feel free to view videos from our YouTube Channel:

  • WISE

    Working for Integration, Support and Empowerment (WISE)

    WISE is a mental health waiver program operated by the Department of Mental Health and Addictions Services (DMHAS) and the Department of Social Services (DSS) for Medicaid individuals with a serious mental illness who either live in a nursing home or are at risk of institutional placement.

    The WISE program seeks to move individuals with mental health problems from nursing homes into the community. InterCommunity is proud to partner with Advanced Behavioral Health in providing community supports and on-going services for these individuals.

  • Employment Services

    This service is composed of a team of Employment Specialists, who work with people in recovery to obtain and maintain part or full-time employment in integrated, competitive jobs within the community.

    Employment Specialists carries out all areas of employment services, including program intake and assessment, engagement, job placement, job development, benefits counseling, job coaching and follow-along until a step down, less intensive level is achieved. Participants within the program will obtain jobs that are based on choices which reflect their preferences, strengths, etc.; service is highly individualized and person centered.

  • Social Club

    Common-Ground is a member-driven program providing life management, interpersonal, daily living and pre-vocational skills.

    The Social Rehabilitation program, Common Ground, is a member-driven program which provides social, cultural, educational, rehabilitative and recreational opportunities as well as peer support and peer run programs. This innovative program addresses life management, interpersonal, daily living, and pre vocational skills.

    Common Ground facilitates many special events and trips throughout the year, including a week-long camping trip every summer. In July 2014 InterCommunity's Social Rehabilitation Club, Common Ground took a week-long camping trip to Acadia National Park in Maine. Past trips have included the Shenandoah Mountains in Virginia, Washington DC, and Philadelphia. Please visit our Facebook page to see more pictures of Common Ground activities.