InterCommunity Celebrates 40-Year Anniversary

InterCommunity has come a long way in 40 years. The original foundation of the agency was created in 1977 by three families who gathered together in the basement of a church to exchange information regarding mental health issues and offer each other support. This small group of concerned citizens incorporated as a nonprofit organization under the name Glastonbury Mental Health Group, eventually renamed InterCommunity Mental Health Group (ICMHG), now known as InterCommunity, Inc.

In 2014, InterCommunity introduced primary care within its scope of practice through the opening of its community health center, located at 281 Main Street in East Hartford. Shortly after opening, InterCommunity applied for and received FQHC-LA (federally qualified health center look-alike) status. InterCommunity proudly opened a second location for primary care services at 16 Coventry Street in Hartford a short time later.

In 2015, InterCommunity joined forces with the former Addiction and Recovery Centers (ADRC) and provides a wide array of addiction recovery services, from a detoxification center to outpatient services.

This year we celebrate 40 years of our journey toward changing the meaning of careā€¦and caring. From embracing the concept of integrated healthcare and becoming a FQHC-LA, launching primary care services, medication-assisted treatment, and so much more, InterCommunity works every day to reduce health disparities in the community and offer people from underserved areas the best possible care for body and mind.