InterCommunity offers a wide range of services to help our clients achieve and maintain a life free of the destructive effects of chemical dependency.


Residential programs offer a supportive environment for those in various stages of recovery.

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Outpatient Treatment is designed for clients who are in need of treatment but who also have the skills and support to recover without the need of a higher level of treatment

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Medication-Assisted Treatment

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) helps patients through the addiction recovery process.

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Recovery Supports

Programs which support recovery ranging from Employment, Senior Outreach, to Infectious Disease testing and counseling.

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Frequently Asked Questions, Program Applications, Referral Information

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Overview of Addiction Services

Since our founding in 1973, the former ADRC has had the mission of providing accessible, timely, responsive, and high quality care to people who are seeking to recover from the effects of addictive disorders.  In the intervening years we have developed a range of services and supports with the goal of helping people not just recover but to thrive. The Former ADRC is now known as InterCommunity, under the division of Addiction Services.

On these pages you will find links to and descriptions of our program offerings.  If you need further help determining which level of service is appropriate for you, please call 860-714-3701 during normal business hours (8am-4pm).  At other times please call 860-714-3700.