Clayton House

An intermediate residential program which provides therapy, fosters communication, and develops employment skills in order to better connect our clients to the larger system of support that exists within the 12 step fellowships.

203 Williams Street
Glastonbury, CT 06033

Clayton House is an intermediate residential, substance abuse treatment facility. Length of stay typically does not exceed 90 days, although longer stays can be approved based on individual clinical needs.  It serves 15 adult men and women primarily from the central Connecticut region. Residents may be dually-diagnosed as long as the psychiatric component of their condition does not prevent them from safely participating in the therapeutic program or hold employment.

The program requires residents to obtain full-time employment during the daytime while participating in an evening therapeutic program. The evening program consists of Relapse Prevention Group, Group Therapy, Education Group, Men’s and Women’s Group Therapy, Family Therapy, Loss and Grief, Spirituality Group, individual counseling sessions, and twelve-step meetings, as well as weekly after-care group session for alumni. All groups run for an average duration of one and a half hours. Individual sessions are scheduled on a weekly basis. These sessions are typically one hour.

Clayton House positively reinforces recovery attitudes and behaviors. As residents show changes toward healthy choices and lifestyle, they receive increases in weekend pass time and independence from the weekday evening program to attend twelve-step meetings, which they select for themselves.