Intensive Residential

Meeting Of Support Group

A 28 day residential program which provides basic education on substance abuse, the disease concept, recovery, and twelve step programs. The program assists clients in establishing a recovery plan along with a commitment to ongoing recovery.

500 Blue Hills Avenue
Hartford, CT 06112

860-569-5900 x541

If you have been using drugs or alcohol and using has affected your relationships with family or friends, or if you have had problem at work (up to and including losing your job), or if you have been in legal trouble because of using, then Intensive Residential Treatment may be for you.

Any individual may refer himself or herself to the Intensive Residential Program. Family members, friends, employers and other service providers may also refer. In the case of professional referrals, we request that the client’s permission be obtained to release all relevant treatment and background information to the Intensive Residential Program.

After the assessment, an appropriate plan for treatment and rehabilitation is developed. The client’s active participation in the assessment and planning process is fundamental. Initial and ongoing medical and psychiatric assessments are conducted for all clients. Our linkages and specific collaboration with community providers ensure that clients’ needs are met, especially for those unable to pay for services. Referrals are accepted 7 days a week and intake staff is available 24 hours a day.