Recovery House

InterCommunity’s Recovery House has changed. No longer only a sober house in which people wait for inpatient rehabilitation, Recovery House is now a treatment program offering coordinated mental health and substance use services for people working to recover from addiction.

Recovery House Treatment Programs

InterCommunity’s Recovery House now offers participants two distinct programs:

The Transitions program is brief treatment and housing for people in early recovery transitioning into 28 day or other similar residential substance treatment facilities. People in the Transitions program may be anywhere from 48 hours to a few months into their recovery. The average stay for Transitions is 19 days and participants stay on InterCommunity’s campus or are accompanied by staff while in this program.

Transitions is a grant-funded program, however, participants are required to pay a $50 deposit when entering the program.

The Supported Recovery program combines co-occurring treatment, care management, and substance-free housing for participants for up to one year. People in the Supported Recovery program are at least 30 days into their recovery. The Supported Recovery program can be used for up to one year with the expectation that participants work, go on out passes, and become involved in the community outside of InterCommunity during their participation. InterCommunity’s Recovery House is uniquely poised to meet people where they are in their recovery.

In addition to a $50 deposit, Supported Recovery has a $150 per week program fee due prior to the start of each week. Advanced Behavioral Health (ABH) may cover the Supported Recovery program fee for some of the stay. Deposits are returned at time of graduation and scholarships to cover the deposit are available for participants who are unable to pay the deposit.

To further ensure successful recovery, Recovery House participants are expected to abide by program guidelines and engage in productive activities. Program participants are expected to engage in six hours of productive time each day, seven days a week. Activities such as skill building groups, therapy, 12-step fellowship, community service, completing clinical packets, recreational outings, and other programming count as productive time. Participants must follow all program rules and be substance-free while in the Recovery House programs. Program participants are tested for substances at random.

Participants at Recovery House receive individualized programming and clinical support services, including:

  • Whole Person Health Care integrated health services that address all of a participant’s needs
  • Primary care
  • Mental health care
  • Addiction recovery
  • Intensive outpatient treatment (IOP)
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Life skills support
  • Employment services
  • Relapse prevention and safety planning
  • I CAN Recover skill building
  • Care coordination
  • Three meals a day
  • A safe, sober, and comfortable living environment
  • Medication-assisted treatment (MAT)
  • Smoking cessation groups.

Recovery House and InterCommunity’s Coventry Street Campus are 100% tobacco free. Patches and smoking cessation groups may be offered to help clients overcome tobacco addiction.

56 Coventry Street
Hartford, CT 06112
860-569-5900, Ext. 677