A Message from Kim Beauregard

InterCommunity has a long tradition of hiring the BEST PEOPLE and being a great place to work. However, the death of George Floyd last spring and events that followed brought into focus the need for InterCommunity to challenge itself to be more racially equitable and inclusive.

We began the Racial/Ethnic Equity Initiative (REEI) with our advisors, Rosario & Associates LLC, Rosaida Rosario, Deanne Shapiro and Michelle Stewart-Copes. They worked with our REEI committee to teach and support us on our beginning journey towards greater equity. They brought us on a journey which led to employee and Board of Directors’ engagement through surveys and working with the task forces of the REEI. Important outcomes have been a greater awareness of the systemic racism embedded in our society and in almost every organization including InterCommunity, and the development of an extensive inventory of recommended actions and changes to make our organization more racially equitable and inclusive. 

This work will continue to focus on Culture, Strategic Alignment, Education, Recruiting and On-boarding and Career Development. Our assessment phase with the Rosario & Associates group will come to an end on March 22, 2021, with many thanks, as the co-chairs present final recommendations to the executive team and the full REEI. We will then jump into the next phase of implementation. The REEI committee has modeled some of the vulnerability and empathy that we want to extend to our full organization and we will be doing this as we continue on our journey. Please look forward to more news on this work and feel free to call or email me any suggestions as we move forward.