School Based Health Centers

InterCommunity provides primary care and behavioral health services in East Hartford school based health centers. InterCommunity staffs and operates seven centers in the following schools: East Hartford High, Synergy Alternative High, East Hartford Middle, Mayberry Elementary, Silver Lane Elementary, Langford Elementary, and the Early Childhood Learning Center (ECLC) at Hockanum School.

School based health centers provide services beyond the scope of the school nurse. InterCommunity works closely with school nurses and other outside care providers, and is a resource center for wellness and prevention. With a signed parental permission form, students can receive complete health care services during school hours, including:

  • Diagnoses and treatment of minor injuries and illnesses (such as colds, ear infections, sore throats, etc.)
  • Mental health and substance abuse risk screenings
  • Routine well-child check-ups
  • Physical examinations, including sports physicals
  • Immunizations
  • Prescriptions and dispensing of medication
  • Laboratory testing, including on-site point of care testing
  • Diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases
  • Management of chronic conditions, such as asthma
  • Nutrition counseling and weight management
  • Crisis intervention and assessments
  • Individual, family and group counseling
  • Fluoride treatments
  • Referral & follow-up for specialty and dental


Registration forms can be obtained at the schools and can be downloaded here:

Pediatric History Form (English)
Registration Form (English)
Pediatric History Form (Spanish)
Registration Form (Spanish)

Registration Form (Emancipated Student – English)

Registration Form (Emancipated Student – Spanish)

For more information, please contact Tricia Orozco, School Based Health Centers Director, at 860-622-5347.

See Notice of Privacy Practices here. (English)

Notice of Privacy Practices (Spanish)