Our Recent Work in the Community

A success story from Intercommunity:

One of Intercommunity’s Child First Clinicians wrote: “I have been meeting with a group of undocumented students every week since March (a boys group and a girls group). One week I meet with 5 boys who are uninsured/undocumented Spanish-speaking and the following week 6 girls in the same situation. All these kids have experienced trauma due to separation from immediate family members and many with trauma just from entering the US (literally blood, sweat, and tears crossing the border). These teenagers have grown to trust and support each other through their stories which have been beautiful to witness.

Along with supporting each other, the kids are working on their own Vision board which focuses on their hopes and dreams for their future in or out of this country and also has created a sense of unity amongst each other. For each group, we have one more group in which they will finalize their board. The last group will be with the girls and the boys together celebrating their journey and also sharing their visions with each other. Additionally, during one of the group times, I invited a coordinator from CT Students for a Dream to present “Know Your Rights” to my 2 groups of students. However, I also extended the invitation to any other student that is undocumented and/or has family that is undocumented and 35 students showed up! When I saw this turn out I realized that our work at the high school is far from over and I am very excited that we now have the SBHC to provide support to these individuals that are so underserved due to their legal status.