REEI Update: A Message from Kim Beauregard, President & CEO

InterCommunity’s REEI committee has completed the first assessment phase of our important work. Building off of the feedback we received from employee surveys, the REEI task forces developed an extensive inventory of recommended actions and changes to make our organization more racially equitable and inclusive. On March 22nd the co-chairs presented the REEI committee’s final recommendations and, with many thanks, the REEI committee said goodbye to our initial REEI consultants, Rosario & Associates.  Work focusing on Culture, Strategic Alignment, Education, Recruiting, and Training (including on-boarding and Career Development) will continue as we move to the implementation phase with a different consulting group. The REEI committee has modeled some of the vulnerability and empathy that we want to extend to our full organization and we will be doing this as we continue on our journey.